Worship in Outregar
While almost all follow one, some, or all of the nine primary deities in Outregar, organized worship doesn’t play a large part in the lives of the devout. Instead the gods are mostly invoked by those about to undertake in an activity related to their portfolio. Therefore someone entering into a legal agreement may invoke The Pact Keeper, while someone seeking to survive a battle may plead with The Beast of War to spare them, while simultaneously asking for the The Glorious General to guide their arm in battle. Though the gods are strongly aligned with along the axis of Good and Evil, and Law and Chaos, even an evil supplicant invokes The Mother for healing, and a good supplicant The Pact Keeper when striking a bargain.

All the same, the Church of the Nine is a powerful entity throughout Outregar, and each of their gods has their own churches and cults devoted to them. In addition, some of the races view one of the deities as their chief deity, believing themselves to be that deity’s favored children. In particular, dwarves and gnomes compete for the favor of The Gears Master, whom the dwarves typically call The Forge Master.

The Gods
In general the gods of Outregar are not deeply anthropomorphic, as are the gods from the religions of other lands. This extends to the given names of the gods, which are archetypal and often vary among different cultures in Outregar, such as the dwarves referring to The Gears Master as The Forge Master, and the orcs referring to The Glorious General as The Great Khan. Rare is the cult that uses a given name for their god, and when they do they are typically stamped out by the Church of the Nine, who believe that the gods purposefully hid their true names from mortals. When specific details for the gods are proposed, they are typically inconsistent with the descriptions given by others; while rare there have been instances of churches going to war with each other over seemingly trivial differences in theology. Mostly the devout are content to argue over pints in a tavern. For the most part, the devout picture their favored gods as an ideal specimen of their race, while depicting their least favored gods as insulting caricatures of other races.

For more details on a specific god, click their respective links below:

The Glorious General – LG
The Allmother – NG
The Celebrant – CG
The Gears Master – LN
The Harbinger – N
The Wild Huntress – CN
The Pact Keeper – LE
The Void Lord – NE
The Beast of War – CE


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